It is always the same scenario.
Upon entering the adult day care facility, I am literally swamped by the people I am visiting.
One woman hugs me tightly around the neck and kisses my head.
Another gentleman exuberantly pats my face - his way of saying “hello Shelby“.
I sit quietly, accepting all the caresses, hugs, tail pulls and kisses.
These people need me and I am there for them.
It is who I am and what I am supposed to do.

When I approach the entrance to the hospital I am always empowered to serve,
hoping my presence will bring smiles to suffering faces.
Visitors and employees all flock to greet me.
Patients come out of their rooms to see and pet me.
I love them - and they love me.

One day I accompanied my Dad to a local festival, which was attended by many families. As we walked through the crowd many people stopped to pet my head or tickle me under the chin.
They remarked on my calm demeanor in spite of the rowdy crowd.
Many were surprised to find out I was a Pit Bull mix.
Children ran up to give me a quick pat on the head, then scampered away.
Others stayed longer and stroked my silky fur.
Dad said they all complimented me - telling him I was beautiful and very charismatic!
He was so proud and I was so happy! Dad and I are a great team.

I wish to thank all my friends for the nice things they say about me:

“From the first time I met Shelby, I knew she was a very special dog.
Her sweet eyes and gentle nature have such a calm and soothing effect.
It’s easy to see that she has a very important purpose here - to bring peace and comfort to those around here.“ - Cathy Ann Leonard

“Whenever I see Shelby, she always brings a smile to my face.“ - Lora Shertel

“After meeting Shelby and seeing how sweet she is, I want to tell everyone that she
is part pit bull so they can see that this is a loving breed of dog.“ - Debbie Gerndt

“Shelby is precious, sweet and gives so much love. I work at a site where Shelby
visits as a therapy dog. She brings so much joy to all of us. She is blessed with her
new owners and I thank Joe and his wife for rescuing Shelby and giving her a home
she deserves.
Everyone should give an abused animal a loving home.“ - Debbie Carrino

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