My transition from abused and abandoned pup to therapy dog would have been a
thorny task for a pup of any breed, however, my Pit Bull ‘ethnicity‘ collared me with
the slings and arrows of hurtful, unjust prejudices I am still trying to overcome.
Sadly, many people mistakenly label me threatening or potentially violent based on a
few incidences of aggressive conduct in dogs of my breed.

What often escapes those who are misinformed is the fact that many Pit Bulls demonstrate belligerence or an unfriendly nature as a result of aggressive training in
the ring or mistreatment by their owners, resulting in a mistrust of humans and the onset of aggressive-defensive behavior.

Did you know that the American Temperament Test, given by the American Temperament Test Society, demonstrates that after years of testing all breeds, Pit
Bulls consistently achieve an above average score?

Ironically, my transition began in the wake of the Michael Vick dog fighting case which thrust the Pit Bull into the limelight as a victim of human brutality.
It did, nevertheless, confirm the criminal re-programming of the engaging disposition
of a Pit Bull for monetary gain.
In reality, as Pit Bulls, we are capable of and willing to give love and compassion.

When you read my book, Shelby‘s Grace, you will see that despite my sweet temperament, I was denied visitation at a town‘s senior housing development,just because I am a Pit Bull.
But my Dad and many of my friends are joining me in a quest to put and end to
unfair breed profiling and all prejudicial thinking.
It is hurtful and denies lots of needy people the possibility to receive the comfort and
joy of my love and compassion.

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