Abandoned hungry, hurting and scared, chained in a gas station, I began the first lap
of my difficult but amazing journey, a journey leading to my mission as a therapy dog
in service to others.

During my stay at the Bloomfield Animal Shelter, I came to know the misery of loneliness, though I am forever grateful to the wonderful volunteers who treated me
with kindness and dignity.
When my soon to be Dad walked into my life, I came to understand the beauty and healing power of love. He seemed a little different at first and always had a lot to say, but many sniffs later I was certain he was a true friend.
I was right.
It was love at first sight!

Shortly thereafter, I discovered I had a lovely new home, doting parents, and a
brother and sister who showered me with their affection.
In addition, I had three playful canine siblings - two brothers and a sister.

Despite my blessings, life was far from uncomplicated.
As a result of my severe injuries, I had to undergo two major surgeries on my hind
legs, followed by months of painful rehabilitation.
Nevertheless, throughout this trying ordeal, I remained calm, loving and willing to
forgive those who mistreated me. I now realize that these attributes, together with
the acceptance of my agonies, enabled and enable me to feel empathy and
compassion for all who suffer. Strengthening my character, they inspired me to understand the tormenting plight of those I lovingly serve.

Many times, when I look into the eyes of the people I meet, I see the same anguish I endured as a young pup.
Since I was blessed and able to overcome and triumph, thanks to the goodness of an amazing man, I want to give back.
Maybe I can be the amazing dog helping men, women, teens and children rise above
and conquer their challenges.
This is my passion - my reason for living.

To learn more about me and my incredible journey, read my book Shelby‘s Grace.
And yes, you can also get to know my great Dad and the rest of my fabulous family.

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