My Dad, Joe Dwyer, is a certified Dog
Trainer and a passionate animal rights advocate.
A volunteer at the Bloomfield Animal Shelter defines only a tiny fraction of who he is.

My Dad is a professional Motivational
Speaker, Life Coach, and Veterinary Assistant, as well as a Martial Arts and Pet Bereavement Counselor.

I was not the only abandoned pup Dad opened his heart and home to.
He rescued Spartacus and together with Rommel and Greta, we all live happily as part of a family that includes my mom, Geralynn and my brother and sister, Joe and Jenna.

My Dad is the author of Shelby‘s Grace, a heart-warming story about his beloved
Pit Bull - me.
He is also working on a second book dealing with life coaching and business

My Dad, Joe Dwyer, is available to discuss and expound upon “The Dog‘s View of Spirituality and Faith, Accountability and Leadership“, but it doesn‘t end here -
he also provides presentations focused on animal rights, the unfair nature of bias and the benefits of compassion.

Please feel invited to contact him at:

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