Visiting the sick and individuals with disabilities has been a wonderful outlet
for me to give the love I have in my heart, while demonstrating my understanding and compassion for those in need.
After hearing my story, many people with difficult challenges often relate to my
personal trials. They see in my eyes the power of faith, endurance and the will to overcome. Using my triumph as a source
of inspiration and encouragement, they feel hope is alive.

If I could wag my tail again - they knew they could find their missing smiles.
Every time my Dad slips on my therapy dog ID and scarf in preparation for a visit, I know my impact will be two-fold. I will bring joy to the suffering and I will work to dispel the negative image of Pit Bulls as people gather around me, laughing and greeting me.

With every kiss and hug I receive, I have the confirmation that the prejudices are being dismantled. Yet, my perseverance is repeatedly tested as I continue to meet with opposition from certain institutions for no other reason than my Pit Bull breeding.

Nevertheless, not one to surrender, it is my hope that my love and the reputation I am building, will be a testament enabling me to continue changing the hearts and minds of the misinformed.

Since the publication of my book, Shelby‘s Grace, I persevere with my therapy work, visiting different facilities, children‘s bible study groups, patients who are living with dementia and Alzheimer‘s and the terminally ill.
Furthermore, I go to elementary schools to spend time with the children.
I love meeting new people - men, women, teens and children - and I am thrilled
to make them smile!
OK, I like the kisses and hugs too.

But it doesn‘t end here.
I am willing to go wherever and whenever I am called and needed.
If you have any ideas or requests for me to drop in, please send me an e-mail or
contact my Dad. He will make certain I will be there.
See you soon -
Yours, Shelby.

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